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Your site is special. We come to Kissimmee every year, including this May, and feel we knew everything, but this site is extremely helpful for seasoned and new visitors alike. Good Luck

United Kingdom

I have visited the Kissimmee area for my annual vacation for the past ten consecutive years and just wanted to comment on your website.

The most useful site that I have come across for navigating the 192.

Brilliant useful information - keep up the good work. 

United Kingdom

Firstly - your web site is absolutely brilliant! And no, I'm not saying that because I need to ask you a question - it really is! My sister and friend have arranged a surprise 50th birthday present for me (but they had to tell me because I do need to pack etc.!) They've rented a house on Eagle Pointe - I've seen their web site and it looks lovely. I've also been on about 40 web sites by now and was getting more and more confused until I came across yours. Straightforward, no messing, excellent! Anyway, my question - I noted what you said about food on arrival and thought, hmm… a very good point. We'll be tired, suffering heavily from tourist syndrome (I'm lost, I feel strange and awkward and I don't know what I'm doing!) and we shall need food. I've suggested to my sister that she contact the owners of the property regarding filling the fridge etc (your suggestion) but I did wonder if it's possible to have some info on the nearest shop so that I can have a wander about for myself?? I want to buy 'proper' American food! The map you show (the highway) is great but is there a site or map you know of that can show me around Poinciana Boulevard (Prime Villas)? We should be arriving about 6.00pm on 15th Feb. I've never been before and I'm so excited I don't even care about being 50 any more!!!!
Even if you can't help, many, many thanks for all the information I've had
from your site.

United Kingdom

I just wanted to congratulate you on this site. It is first class. The Map/Directory layout is particularly exceptional. I haven't come across another site as good as this. My family and I have been to Kissimmee 3 times in 5 years but we know it is constantly changing. It was extremely helpful to see the layout of the 192, new traffic lights etc. We are returning again February 2002 and have been able to determine our route.
Many thanks.

Country Unknown

Thanks to the Magical Childhood Blog for the kind words and link.

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