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Post Offices

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Post Offices

Naturally being on vacation you'll probably want to tell everyone about your trip whether it's in the form of a letter or the classic 'Wish you were here' post card.

This section will try to give you some direction in this matter.

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Postcards can be found almost anywhere, in the area grocery stores, gift shops and even your own hotel might provide you with a complimentary one in your room. Or simply ask for one at the Front Desk (Some hotels won't offer this, but for the ones that do, it's a great marketing opportunity as you're going to tell all your friends about it! So why shouldn't they see what your hotel looks like).

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Postage stamps are usually available at your hotel. Most times you will find them in the reception or lobby area and usually in a vending machine.

Be warned, they are more expensive than purchasing them from a Post Office.

If you're an American and looking for postal stamps, your best bet is the closest Publix store. Here you can get a book of regular US stamps in 20's, which you'll use up at some point anyway, even if you have few left to take home. Publix does not sell postage for postcards.

So, for our visitors wanting to send postcards, you would be best advised to just get as many as you need from one of the local Post Offices.

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Post Office Locations

If you are within 5 miles East or West of Interstate 4, the closest Post Office is in the City of Celebration just east of the Interstate. Use 'Water Mania' as your landmark and turn the opposite way (South) onto Celebration Ave. Follow for a mile or two and you're there ! 

If staying near the Wal-Mart Super Centre on US Hwy 192 or if you're located in the Vine Street vicinity, our best recommendation is the Oak Street Post Office.

Just follow West Vine until John Young Parkway (a.k.a. Bermuda Ave), go south to the next traffic light and use 'PK Chicken Wings' as your landmark. Turn right onto Oak Street and the Post Office is on your right after one-block. 

For our visitors on east end of US Hwy 192 (Florida Turnpike Area), your closest Post Office is located on Michigan Ave.

If you're heading towards Disney, it's just a short diversion anyway.

Turn right when you see the Winn-Dixie store on the right-hand side, then follow Michigan Ave for several blocks. The Post Office will be found on your immediate left after about a half-mile. 

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Special Note and Special Bonus for those staying in the Florida Turnpike area: If you were to continue another half-mile or so to the end of Michigan Ave, a brand new Wal-Mart Super Centre can now be found at the Junctions of Osceola Parkway and Michigan Ave.

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