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From the Florida Turnpike to US Hwy 27 you will be able to find restaurants, attractions, grocery stores, etc. etc. etc...

Also, use the Locations page to help get your bearings...

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UK / British visitors guide to OrlandoThese terms used by Restaurants may be confusing...

Entree - the main dish of a meal.

'a la carte' - separate dishes with different prices.

Buffet - An island unit filled with salads, potatoes etc & deserts.

All-you-can-eat - Return to the Buffet as often as you want after buying an entree.

All-you-can-eat Breakfast -
No entree to buy just dig in to a huge selection from the Buffet.

See Eatin-out for hints & tips...


Fast Food Restaurants

If you live in the USA you will already be familiar with most of the names of these businesses and how the system works, be patient with us as we try to explain them all to our international visitors.

As we indicated in our introduction to this section, categorizing these restaurants is not going to be easy. So please bear with us...

When it comes to fast food choices, you certainly have a lot to choose from in the USA. No different when it comes to the US Hwy 192 area.

In this section we'll try to give you an overview of the selections available.

Most predominant in this section will be the many Hamburger restaurants, which will include all the famous names- McDonald's, Wendy's Restaurants, and Burger King. Plus our local 'Checkers'. 

Although mostly known for their burgers these restaurants generally do offer an additional selection such as chicken or fish sandwiches - some even offer salads and other specialty items.

A few even offer breakfast, such as McDonald's and Burger King.

Most will always offer a daily special which may include 2 sandwiches for $2.00 or just a $.99 special on one of their featured items. Though the offers may change from time to time, the concept does not. 

If you're looking for Seafood specialties, Long John Silvers is the place to go. You'll find them located on West Vine Street just west of Hwy 441.

When it comes to Chicken specialties, there are two area favorites that take the top honors, Popeye's Fried Chicken and KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Popeye's Fried Chicken can be found only on West Vine Street, whereas KFC outlets can be found throughout the area.

For a little more taste that's south of the border, try the Mexican specialties of the Taco Bell restaurants. These can also be found along US Hwy 192.


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