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From the Florida Turnpike to US Hwy 27 you will be able to find restaurants, attractions, grocery stores, etc. etc. etc...

Also, use the Locations page to help get your bearings...

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UK / British visitors guide to OrlandoThese terms used by Restaurants may be confusing...

Entree - the main dish of a meal.

'a la carte' - separate dishes with different prices.

Buffet - An island unit filled with salads, potatoes etc & deserts.

All-you-can-eat - Return to the Buffet as often as you want after buying an entree.

All-you-can-eat Breakfast -
No entree to buy just dig in to a huge selection from the Buffet.

See Eatin-out for hints & tips...

Orlando Family Restaurants

If you live in the USA you will already be familiar with most of the names of these businesses and how the system works, be patient with us as we try to explain them all to our international visitors.

As we indicated in our introduction to this section, categorizing these restaurants is not going to be easy. So please bear with us...

One of the more popular categories of restaurants, this section will give you an overview of those that cater to family dining.

Family Restaurant definition -

Basically, a restaurant that is 'kid' friendly. Catering for the family group as a whole. Usually a very relaxed atmosphere with no specific dress code, other than you having some, at least!

Kids are usually allowed & encouraged to 'do their own thing' as long as you keep them under some sort of control. They will usually have a special menu for the younger party members with some inclusive deals.

Among some of the favourites are the Ponderosa Steak Houses and Golden Corral Restaurants both offer a reasonably priced buffet. More information on these restaurants can be found under our Buffet sub-grouping

There are also Denny's Restaurants, Perkins Restaurants and Shoney's Family Restaurants among others throughout the area. Some hotels also have a major franchise restaurant 'on-site'. We know of at least one that has a Shoney's as part of their Amenity Package.

No matter where you stay in the area, you'll always find a restaurant of this type nearby.

For some good old 'Country Style Cooking', two restaurants come to mind, Bob Evans and the Cracker Barrel Country Store. Both are well known for their Southern Hospitality and the quality of their offerings.

One of the area restaurants sometimes overlooked is the Morrison's Cafeteria, located in the Osceola Square Mall. This is a restaurant that is definitely worthy of your attention. The selections are usually first-class and are relatively reasonably priced.

Yet another family favourite of the area is the International House of Pancakes, commonly referred to as IHOP. But don't let the name fool you, though they may specialize in pancakes and related items, they also serve up a pretty good selection of American favourites for both lunch and dinner. 

In a similar situation are the area Waffle House Restaurants. Though the name implies their specialty, they do offer other American favourites. The atmosphere here is a little less cosy than some of its counterparts, as its environment is more suited to the traditional 'diners' of the past. But if you're on a tight budget, it may be a place that you'll want to explore.

For those who remember the USA of the 50's - 70's HoJos' is now known by it's family name of Howard Johnson's.


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