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All businesses along US Hwy 192 have a listing in the unique
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From the Florida Turnpike to US Hwy 27 you will be able to find restaurants, attractions, grocery stores, etc. etc. etc...

Also, use the Locations page to help get your bearings...

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UK / British visitors guide to OrlandoThese terms used by Restaurants may be confusing...

Entree - the main dish of a meal.

'a la carte' - separate dishes with different prices.

Buffet - An island unit filled with salads, potatoes etc & deserts.

All-you-can-eat - Return to the Buffet as often as you want after buying an entree.

All-you-can-eat Breakfast -
No entree to buy just dig in to a huge selection from the Buffet.

See Eatin-out for hints & tips...


Orlando Bar & Grill Restaurants

If you live in the USA you will already be familiar with most of the names of these businesses and how the system works, be patient with us as we try to explain them all to our international visitors.

As we indicated in our introduction to this section, categorizing these restaurants is not going to be easy. So please bear with us...

There are Sports Pubs, British Pubs and the traditional American Bar & Grills to choose from in the area, we'll try to cover just a few of the tourist related ones in this section.

Some are a little more specialized on the beverage side while offering food such as Buffalo wings, fish n' chips, light sandwiches or an assortment of appetizers.

Others may provide you with a wide variety of appetizers and entrées.

Many are local favourites such as Chili's Bar & Grill and TGI Friday's. Of special note is the Roadhouse Grill, which provides you with free peanuts that you simply shell and throw on the floor (Why not, your on vacation). To say the least, it does provide a unique experience!

For British Pubs, there are several - London Bridge Tavern, Scottish Corner Pub and Harry Ramsbottom's, located in Liberty Village just east of Polynesian Blvd on US192.
For our American viewers, here's a good opportunity for you to try some authentic British Fish N' Chips.

Sports Pubs are dotted throughout the area, most are found either on West Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy. or in the West Vine Street area.

They specialize in bringing televised sporting events to their patrons and will also act as hosts to the area darts competitions. They play an important role in providing a celebratory meeting place following an Area Sporting Event.
Area bowling alleys could also provide you with a similar location. 

For a truly unique environment, you might just want to stop in at the 'Big Bamboo Lounge', just east of Hwy. 535 on the north side of 192.

This area landmark was one of the few businesses that was located on US192 prior to Disney's introduction to the area and the commercial development that followed it. This lounge has truly stood the test of time and it still remains a novelty among the businesses of the area. They don't serve food but you can bring a 'Carry Out' with you...

What are Buffalo Wings? Check here for a description of this and some other more unusual American foods.


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