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From the Florida Turnpike to US Hwy 27 you will be able to find restaurants, attractions, grocery stores, etc. etc. etc...

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Weather Guide

The Orlando and Kissimmee-St. Cloud region typically offers warm sunny days and mild nights - the most preferred weather by tourists worldwide according to data from savings website, Motley Fool..

The average summer temperatures (May-August) vary between the low 90s F in the day to the low 70s F at night. For the most part, visitors can expect warm, beautiful weather year-round.

Winter temperatures (October–February) average in the low's 70s F during the day while night time temperature average is in the low 50s F.

During the summer season, the Central Florida weather is very tropical.

The summer months are the most humid and have the most rainfall, but expect lots of sunshine between the rain and clouds.

Expect an average daytime high of 70 F December through February, which are generally considered dryer and cooler.

During the warmer months, June through September, temperatures and humidity both remain high, but the heat is frequently cooled by an afternoon thunderstorm.

March, April, May, October and November are delightful months with an average daytime high of 80 F.

Weather Forecasts for coming Months and Current Weather on The Orlando Weather Blog here...

Check out other City Guide information.


As we have seen over the last few years, Orlando can be prone to the occasional hurricanes. The 'season' is from July until November. They 'normally' don't provide much more than very heavy rainfall. Some though have been a little more destructive...

If you are involved in a 'bad weather' situation, contact your Accommodation Management, Holiday Company Representative or Villa Owner Management Company for more information.

Weather Forecasts for coming Months and Current Weather on The Orlando Weather Blog here...


For your comfort, make sure that you pack comfortable walking shoes (you could explain a vacation to Theme Parks as a 'walking vacation' - you will walk for many miles!), suntan lotion, bathing suit and a light jacket.

Ladies may want to keep a long sleeve cardigan in the car. Some days the difference between the outside temperature and an air-conditioned restaurant or shopping centre can be enough to give you a chill. Gent's may want to keep a sweat shirt handy. Something similar for the kids is always a good idea to have handy.

Weather Forecasts for coming Months and Current Weather on The Orlando Weather Blog here...


Yes, 'Smoke' ... 

In the dry and thundery times brush fires can, and very often do, start. Especially to the West of the Kissimmee area.

Never a threat to you or your villa directly, but they can cause great clouds of smoke in the morning. They don't clear until the wind picks up after the sun starts to come through in the mid-morning.

They can cause traffic congestion and have been known, on rare occasions, to close Disney until lunch time.

If you are staying out at the West end of US Hwy 192 in the US Hwy 27 region... Don't be too alarmed by the faint smell of smoke in the morning. A quick look around your villa and a check that the smoke smell is also outside before calling for help.

You are generally safe but be careful driving in these conditions.

Watch out that you don't accidentally leave your lights on after driving in smoke. Our British editor did this once and had a flat battery to contend with later that day after leaving them left on at Epcot... (it was me.)

See Hints & Tips about this...

Weather Forecasts for coming Months and Current Weather on The Orlando Weather Blog here...

For Kissimmee current weather conditions, and upcoming forecasts click on one of the links below...

If you’re a weather enthusiast, like us, you’ll probably enjoy the many 'buttons' and 'features' of the sites, ranging from 'Doppler Radars' & 'Area Advisories' to 'Storm Systems' analysis.

In addition to this, the sites will generally give you a good overview of what you should expect weather-wise over the next five-day period.

Please excuse the 'pop-ups' that appear from time-to-time, but being an outside link, their intrusion is beyond our control.

Weather Forecasts for coming Months and Current Weather on The Orlando Weather Blog here...


Click for Kissimmee, Florida Forecast


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