Location - US Hwy 192, Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy and Kissimmee's Vine Street

  Kissimmee Florida

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Who was
Irlo Bronson ?

He was a long-time Osceola County resident, a cattleman and a State Senator for many years.  He lived in Kissimmee at the family residence
located on US 192 near Emory Street. 

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Location - Kissimmee & US Hwy 192.

Originally designed as a route for commercial traffic, US Hwy 192 has evolved into a high volume thoroughfare serving one of the most visited locations on our planet.

---  ---

She stretches from the Atlantic Coast, westward to US Hwy 27 (an arterial running North/ South to the west of Orlando).

The western most 24 miles of US Hwy 192 are covered in this guide.

Between US Hwy 27 and the Florida Turnpike are hundreds of accommodations - Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Campgrounds, Rental Homes, Condos etc.

This 'is' the 'Entertainment Capital of the World' and everybody is catered for in almost every price range.

Traveling East the road is naturally divided by the Florida Turnpike, the City of Kissimmee, Interstate - 4 and the far West end reaching past Disney's Maingate Entrance.

The road also has many 'names' on it's journey West. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (both East & West), Vine Street (both East & West) and the final section just known as West US Hwy 192.

She passes through areas to and they have their own names - The City of Kissimmee, Maingate East, Maingate West and at US Hwy 27, Summer Bay / Four Corners.

It can all get mighty confusing but we will try our best to make it easy to find your way around...

So, were gonna have to split it down into sections -

---  ---

We'll start at the East end for our first section, at the Florida Turnpike and head West. -

Locally known as East Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, the area is 15 miles or so from the Magic and even further from other parts of Orlando. This section is populated by many hotels at it's junction with The Florida Turnpike and home to the many sporting events in the area. The Turnpike and Osceola Parkway, just to the north, give excellent access to all the other Orlando area attractions. 

Home to the official Kissimmee & St Cloud Convention and Visitors Bureau. A peaceful haven on a hot day with the biggest selection of area brochures.

If you are renting a home - the developments of Lakeside Estates and Bull Run are off from this area..

The country side here is very open as we are on the eastern outskirts of Kissimmee ...

Map 9  - Florida Turnpike to East end of Vine Street by the Rail Road Tracks.

---  ---

After crossing the railroad tracks we enter The City of Kissimmee where things begin to display a more commercial side.

The road suddenly gets much busier as we cross Main Street / US Hwy 441. Turn left here for central Kissimmee and right for The Florida Mall. This section is Vine Street, first East Vine then after US Hwy 441 (Orange Blossom Trail), West Vine.



Map 8 - East end of Vine Street by the Rail Road Tracks to Bermuda Ave.  / John Young Parkway.
Map 7 - Bermuda Ave.  / John Young Parkway to Hoagland Blvd.


---  ---

As we cross Hoagland Blvd we enter our third section.

This is the beginning of the 15 mile long BeautiVacation Project.

A complete re-development of the road itself to enhance the main tourist section of US Hwy 192, for the enjoyment of all who use her.

Here the road name changes to West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway and stays this way to US Hwy 27.

Passing the Wal-Mart Super Center the whole feeling changes to reflect how much closer we now are to Walt Disney World.

There are many more gift shops and attractions here than hotels, along with go-karts, water parks and lots & lots of shopping.

As we get closer to I-4 and the Maingate Entrance to Walt Disney World, you could say that this is the epicenter...

The Town of Celebration is just to the left and there is a new southern extension to International Drive on the right.

This area is known a Maingate East.

As we get closer to the intersection with I-4 there are many hotels, among them some of the top first-class sites:- Hyatt, Radisson, Homewood Suites etc. Clustered next to the Interstate and as close to Disney as possible.

If you are renting a home - the developments of Indian Point and Montego Bay are in this area.

Map 6 - Hoagland Blvd. to Old Vineland Rd.
Map 5 - Old Vineland Rd. to Poinciana Blvd.
Map 4 - Poinciana Blvd. to Maingate East - east end at Holiday Trail.
Map 3 - Holiday Trail to Maingate East - West end & World Drive / I-4.


---  ---

Onward, past Interstate-4 and World Drive, the original Maingate entrance to Walt Disney World, we travel through Disney property lined with trees. Part of the WDW Natural Reserve. 

---  ---

After a few minutes of greenery we are back into the concrete - Maingate West.

Here US Hwy 192 is referred to as West US Hwy 192 as well as keeping it's West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway name.

Almost as built up as Maingate East there is more land to develop here and this is reflected in the number of big name hotels - Best Western, Days Inn, Ramada Inn, Sheraton etc.

If you are renting a home - the developments of Indian Ridge and Formosa Gardens are here.

Map 2 - Maingate West.

---  ---

Leaving the built up commercial side of the western portion we get back into the countryside for our last section, as we make our way to US Hwy 27.

This area has the newest developments for US Hwy 192.

The area continues to fill up with housing developments and hotels in all ranges. Some of these resorts are stunning in their design.

Many rented homes are located in this area, as well as up and down US Hwy 27.

The very popular Lindfields development is just south of the 192 after the last of the BeautiVacation markers. (# 4).

South and North on US Hwy 27 there are many housing projects including - The Palms at Lake Davenport & West Ridge Lakes.

This area is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the entire US.

Map 1 - Black Lake Road to US27.

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