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Walt Disney World Hotels, Hotels near Walt Disney World Find it -

Walt Disney World Hotels, Hotels near Walt Disney World
All businesses along US Hwy 192 have a listing in the unique
Map / Directory

From the Florida Turnpike to US Hwy 27 you will be able to find restaurants, attractions, grocery stores, etc. etc. etc...

Also, use the Locations page to help get your bearings...


Tips for Visiting Walt Disney World Florida

Things to do and see at the Attractions of Orlando, can be found in our newest pages - Theme Parks.

Find tips, strategies and how to make the most of your visit to the attractions of Orlando such as Universal Studios Florida, Walt Disney World and Sea World Orlando. Save time by not waiting in line, save money on the cost of your tickets, find ticket explanations and find Attraction information on Orlando's many Attractions here...

Hints & Tips

A list of things that may make your stay a little more interesting or less expensive...

Theme Park Discounts -
Did you know that you can get substantial savings off of most Theme Park Admissions when visiting the US192 area? Refer to our money-saving Attractions section, subgroup Discount Theme Park Tickets.

Motor Breakdown -
If you break down (car, only) at a Disney location, flat battery etc. Don't panic and try to call your Rental company.

Lift the hood and wait for a Security Guard to come. Should only take a few moments.

They will start your car for free if it's easy and arrange extra help for you if it's something major.

Sunrise - Sunset Times -
If you are arriving in the winter months, it may be a good idea to know when it starts to get dark. This URL will help... Here is the complete 2003 callendar.


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Frequently Asked Questions that may help you...
'H' from England asked -
(Q) What do we do if we need medical help while in Kissimmee?

(A) This is a big subject - we touch on some points in Medical Services & Pharmacies but basically - seek help. For non-urgent cases - If you are in your Hotel or Motel, the staff will be able to help. If staying in rented accommodation call your Rental Agent. If urgent call '911' and seek advice.

'N' from England asked -
(Q) Is there a big difference in the price of gas in the area?

(A) Not much - the area is a very big tourist destination and the prices can reflect this. Normally though, the level of competition keeps the prices down. You may find prices are keener out by US 27 or in the Vine Street area.

(Q) What do I do if I don't have money for a Toll Plaza?

(A) From the Staff of The Florida State Department of Transport -

"If a visitor, or any motorist, finds themselves at a State Toll Plaza with no money... The toll attendant will issue the motorist a 'non-paid toll receipt' which the motorist has 30 days to mail the owed toll to the accompanying address of the Tallahassee Tolls Office. 

If a motorist finds themselves at an unmanned, exact-change only toll Plaza without change, they should pass through the Toll Plaza. The vehicle tag will be recorded as a violation, but it is only following repeat violations that the driver will receive a citation in the mail.

If the motorist intends to use the same route repeatedly, they should prepare to use the toll plaza in the future by having exact change. 
Change can be received from any toll attendant at any manned toll plaza."

Tell your Rental Company about any problems you may have had...


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News UK Visitors

There is a special division specifically for
British Visitors...

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Includes: Arrival Info & Walk-Thru at both of Orlando's International Airports, Driving Tips and Airport Route Pages.

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