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The Great American Experience

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If you are a first time visitor to the USA and have come here for the Theme Park Experience, don't forget that you are in the USA - with all the sights, sounds, tastes and experiences you have seen on TV and the Movies.

Having said that though, the real USA can be a little hard to find.

This whole area has become just too tuned-in to the tourism trade for you to be able to notice where real people live, shop and eat .

When in the Kissimmee-US Highway 192, International Drive and Lake Buena Vista areas, you may feel that you are not in the real USA at all, but in some surreal make-believe land that makes Blackpool’s Golden Mile seem like reality.

That is because you are in one of the most highly concentrated tourist areas in the world.

Over 36 million people from the USA and approx. 2.5 million from around the world visit this area each year and it has grown by approx. 11% per annum for many years. UK visitors alone in Kissimmee are currently approx. 750 thousand families a year.

Orlando Vacation Rental Home.

If you are in a Rented Home, out in the surrounding country side, your first morning especially can be a little disappointing - where is everything?

This set of Web Guides was designed to help you find places...

Down at the bottom of the page are some links to maps that will help you get going... First, take a read of the next few sections.

Here are just a few parts that can make up The Great American Experience...

Breakfast -

An American institution, the components of the Great American Breakfast can be found in many locations from your Hotel Restaurant to the 'All You Can Eat' establishments.

If you are a baby boomer with a rock side… You will have spent most of your life dreaming of the classic 'Breakfast in America'.

The image here is of the roadside Diner...

Staffed by budding starlets in Hollywood and 'ladies of a certain age' everywhere else.

No getting away from it though you should at least try the experts…
Either a national corporate who have honed their craft over the years or a more local roadside joint.

Denny's is our families choice for location.

They have been doing this for years. A seem to have an inexhaustible supply or happy smiling ladies, who are so relaxed with their job, make you just feel at home from the moment you wait to get seated.

Go for it in a big way… The menu gives a complete selection of 'classic' combinations or you can just mix and match straight from the album cover.

- Two easy, a short stack, three strips, hash browns, sausage (link or patty) and a splash of both Maple and Blueberry, all on the same plate. A taste heaven…

Or, an astronauts breakfast - steak and eggs.

There are many other locations along US Hwy 192…

'All you can Eat' is an experience you must dedicate at least one morning to. Load up and tuck in. Follow the links down below

Driving and Cars -

Driving - 

One of your great delights in the USA is driving.

Please don't see it as a chore…

Get to grips with it and settle down into its laidback style but keep alert

Don't get as complacent as some of the fellow road users you may see, especially the people who seem to be asleep.

When you have settled in to it (a day or so) hunt out your type of music on the radio, crank up the volume and take to the black top.

Keep safety in mind but do have fun…

Hop onto the Freeway or slide on down to the Vine Street area of 192 on Saturday afternoons.

Cars -

Two sections here - Yours & Others

Your car -

When you come to pick up your car, act as though you are an old hand at going through the process. The more confident you are the less sales patter you will get from the staff.

Even if you have never hired before just try not to look tired out after your flight.

This will be the first face to face with a real American that you can talk to… Smile and say "Hi"

If you want to, now is a good time to try and drop your regional British accent and adopt your best North Atlantic speak!

As you go through the process ask about any upgrades that may be available today? You may get something special.

We were offered a Chrysler PT Cruiser for only $9 dollars a day extra in June 2001. It was great fun. Not much room for luggage though...

Hang back as much as possible, before entering the queue (standing in line) if you can. You may get a free upgrade to a bigger steed. 

Check out our Arriving section for more specific airport information.

Other cars -

You may be a little disappointed with the cars you see on the roads..

Where are all the old models? There will be some cool expensive types driving around but most will be very new.

If you wait till the locals come out, Saturdays & Sundays… Then you will see a greater selection and lots of motorbikes, mostly Harleys. the Vine Street area of Kissimmee at the weekend always seems to have many dotted around.

You may also get some good sightings in the car parks of the big Malls

You can get an eyeful of early and custom iron at the Old Town cruises. Every Friday and Saturday evening on US Hwy 192 in MainGate East.


Whether you are in a room or a rental property,. the TV. is sitting there awaiting you pleasure…

Cable and Satellite are the way that almost all TV. is delivered in the U.S.

Loads of channels most not too good, but the adverts can be great fun. Especially when you only get to see them a few times during your stay.

With such a huge audience and an abundance of new products the need to be the best really shows through TV advertising.

Comedy is still king when it comes to attracting the buying public. These guys do it as well as we do.

In the mornings most of the shows show some national, a little international and even less local news. Weather is the most popular subject along with traffic reports.

My personal favourite US TV is C.M.T. Country Music Television.

Used be on Sky in the UK till it was bought by CBS.

Country is fully mainstream in the U.S. and has a definite rock side to it these days.


All You Can Eat
Breakfasts and Main Meals



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