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All these items were bought from a Publix Supermarket.

There are other Super & Mini Markets, Grocery Stores & Gas Stations where items can be purchased. They all sell food you can take back home and cook.

Prices correct @ June 2001

Root Beer IBC Brand 32oz. $0.99
Spaghettios Little pasta hoops in tomato sauce. One of Bart's favourites... $0.79
Milk Publix own brand. 1L $1.79
Peanut butter Publix own brand. For making Peanut & Jelly bread. $1.49
White Bread Publix own brand. For making Toast, no bread toasts like American bread toasts and Peanut & Jelly bread. $0.60
Smuckers Jam Made from high quality fruit juice. Comes in many flavours such as cinnamon-apple, grape and cherry.
For Toast and making Peanut & Jelly bread.
Tomatoes Publix own brand $1.99
Margarine Spread Publix own brand.
Wait till you see the selection!
Froot Loops Cereal containing corn, wheat and oat flour. Containing natural flavours such as orange, lemon, cherry, raspberry, blueberry and lime. $2.49
Baking potatoes Publix own brand $0.99
Cheddar cheese Publix own brand $1.89
Strawberries Publix own brand $2.00
Folgers Coffee Made from mountain grown beans. Rich and aromatic. Their Instant Crystals brand is very American. $4.79
Kraft Mayonnaise Squeeze bottle dressings with exactly the right consistency. $1.39
Hunts Ketchup Made from natural vine ripened tomatoes, with salt and spices. $1.09
Mixed salad Publix own brand of classic salad ingredients such as Iceberg & other Lettuces and Carrot.  $2.99
Pizza Publix own brand $3.39
Kraft Vinaigrette Classic bottled dressing. $1.43
Hunts Manwich sauce Bit like a cross between Sweet & Sour and Barbecue sauce... Don't forget to buy some Ground Beef (mince). We did! $2.39

Orange juice Florida's Natural $2.99
Nestea Instant Iced Tea $1.49
Lays Chips Potato Chips (Crisps) $1.50
Carefree gum $0.99
Big Red Big Red Cinnamon Gum $1.79
Mars Bar Same $1.99
Bush Beer a Budweiser brand. If we accept that American Beer is all about taste. This one tastes great... $3.19
Easy Cheez Spray Cheese, great on hot toast. Tastes a bit like Cheese triangles but with more Yellow. $3.49
Wintergreen gGum Tastes like Germolene. Same flavour as Root Beer. $1.69
Oreo Cookies Double Stuff. Gotta be - Double Stuff $3.59
Gatorade Kid's & Football Players love it $1.67
Bubblicious gum Mellon Flavour - mmm! $1.19
Dial Soap More lather than you can handle. $1.94
Hershey's chocolate w/almonds Classic USA taste. Not quite the chocolate we are used to, but the Almonds make it taste just right. $1.59
Can opener Publix own. Still trying to find one that works... $5.99
Cadbury chocolate Same - but tastes more like Galaxy. $1.39
Chips Ahoy cookies Chock chip cookies $2.69


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