Sanford Airport to Points around Orlando via SR-417

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Driving from:-
Sanford International Airport (SFB)
to points around Orlando via. SR-417
The Central Florida Greeneway - Page 6
to Lake Buena Vista & Kissimmee.

Ah, that's better...

Well at least it says Orange Blossom Tr. -
1 mile to go.

Get 50C ready for the Toll.

Exit# 11 - Orange Blossom Trail

50c Toll at the Unmanned Plaza.

For locations in Kissimmee East, Vine Street Kissimmee and the eastern side of MainGate East - when you have gone through the Toll, keep right for OBT South towards Kissimmee.

If you miss this Exit you can use John Young Parkway in 1 mile it runs parallel
to OBT.

More info

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Exit# 10 - John Young Parkway

50c Toll at the Unmanned Plaza.

Note how J.Y. Pkwy has two exiting lanes...

The exit South onto street level is a bit easier than OBT as the ramp sweeps down and blends into the south carriageway.

Next two exits are for the Disney Area, it's Hotels and Lake Buena Vista.

Some Travel Agents use Exit# 6 for locations near to Kissimmee-US Hwy MainGate East.

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