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Driving Directions from Sanford International Airport,
Orlando, Florida USA

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Your Travel Agent or their Representative will have given you instructions to your location.

We don't attempt to usurp their information but feel that some is somewhat lacking.
We are attempting the very big task of giving you a complete guide on getting to each and every area in Orlando.

There is only one road out of Sanford Airport and this road becomes Lake Mary Road (later, Lake Mary Blvd.) as soon as it leaves airport property. It takes a 3 mile journey through the countryside before it crosses Sanford Road and goes under The Central Florida Greeneway - State Road (SR)- 417. Turning left here to go around the Eastern perimeter of Orlando (much like a quiet M25). Straight on for Interstate 4 (I4)

Only use I4 if you are experienced in driving in the USA. I would not advise any new USA driver to tackle an Interstate without some practice...

via. Central Florida Greeneway SR-417

SR-417 is the most popular, and most instructed, route to the areas surrounding Orlando.
It is well suited for the 'first time driver' as it is generally quiet and there is a long drive before you arrive at any complicated bits. By that time you will be more accustomed to driving.
The link for this route is - down at the bottom of this page.. .

Food alert  - click here...

via. Interstate 4 (I4)

Not recommended for 'First Time USA Drivers'.

You will get to see Downtown Orlando this way. Beware it can get very busy with cars zooming past you on both sides and making sudden changing lanes.
The link for this route is - down at the bottom of this page...

Food alert  - click here...
If you need Food there are a few of places to eat and pick up groceries on this route before you get to Interstate 4 approx. 7 miles.

Food alert - There is no food to be found on arrival at Sanford Airport.

If you are staying in a Rented Home (especially South or West of Kissimmee) you may not find shops or fast food snacks until late into your first full morning in Orlando. By this time it may well be afternoon in your stomach. 9am is 2 pm back home!

The route via. SR-417 takes approx 40 - 50 minutes to get anywhere. When you get to the place you are trying to find, it will be late at night for you (home time) and your kids.
As you can not bring sandwiches etc. into the USA, you may want to consider what you are going to do about food and how long ago you last ate...

The Gas Station at the corner of Lake Mary Blvd. and Sanford Road, just before joining the SR-417, has a Lil' Champ food store open 24/7. They have snacks for now and supplies to get you through breakfast tomorrow in your Villa. Some cereal, milk and a jar of coffee will cost little and may solve the problem

The are other options around the junction of SR-417 but this is the easiest to get to.

You may be able to arrange a 'Welcome Pack' to be at your Villa waiting for you. Please note that they are seldom good value for money. Having said that though, as many Villas are quite a way from shops and you won't want to go shopping as you arrive, they can be a god send. Check with your Travel Agent...

If you are going to Villa Rental locations in the South or East of Kissimmee-US Hwy 192 area, via. SR-417 and Orange Blossom Trail - follow our SR-417 Driving Routes page down to Orange Blossom Trail and the click on the 'More Info' link.

We now have a 'Top-Down' map system that can give you an idea of where places are.
Also check out our 'Flashing Maps' for an over view of journeys from the airports.

Routes from SFB

Route# 1

Sanford Airport to points around
Orlando via. The Central Florida Greeneway SR-417

Route# 2

Sanford Airport to points around
Orlando via. Interstate 4 (I4)

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