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Arriving at Orlando Sanford Airport (SFB)-
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Land Side at SFB

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You go though some doors and out - into the sun shine (or) moon shine ...

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This is the view from that door, across the road to the next building. Here you will meet your travel representatives. Remember Sanford is a charter flight airport so you aren't on your own here. Somebody will meet everybody (unless you got just a seat on a flight)

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Looking left you will see your first proper glimpse of (hopefully) a clear blue sky. They got 'big sky' here, mostly nothing but a horizon between you and it.

Representatives Building at SFB

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All Representatives of Travel Companies are here. Can be a bit of a squeeze and a jumble of people, bags & kids


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Find who you are supposed to be checking in with and form a queue. This may take longer than Immigration & Customs.
If you can, take as long as you feel necessary to get accustomed to where you are going and what you are expecting when you get there.

You will then get your car - 

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Getting your car at SFB

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