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International Arrivals at
Orlando Sanford Airport (SFB)

Air side at SFB

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Getting off the airplane and being processed through Immigration and Customs are conducted Airside.

This means you are not yet in the USA but in limbo awaiting confirmation that you may enter.

On leaving the aircraft, the first thing you will get is a blast of warm air (it can be very hot air), you will all look at each other and say something like... "Blimey, is it this hot all the time?"

Complaining already and only been here 2 seconds...

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You will go down some winding corridors and eventually arrive in a big hall where you will be processed through Immigration. Friendly officials will direct you to the back of the room where the queues (lines) will soon grow.


Immigration Hall at SFB

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Ensure you have all your paperwork to hand and keep the kids together in a tight family group. You are about to be granted entry to the USA, don't let the kids start fighting just yet, even though it was a long flight.

Take your place behind the line and only move forward when asked to... 

There is a tendency for these officials to appear 'non too friendly''. They are though the frontline of defence against all unwanted visitors. They take their job very seriously indeed. Just answer all questions, I wouldn't recommend an smart answers or trying to engage them in conversation.

SFB Note - Sanford seems a lot friendlier than MCO at Immigration. Maybe they are more used to Brit's and our daft ways.

Did you see our 'Immigration to the USA' section...


Baggage Claim and Customs Hall at SFB

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Next it's more corridors and into the Baggage Claim and Customs Hall..
Your flight will be identified by it's Flight Number, Airline and Origination Point.
Collect a trolley or two for your luggage and 'load up'.

Then, on to Customs - to get your luggage checked.

You will be asked if you are bringing any food stuffs into the USA. Be honest, it's not worth the risk. 

The above link is part of a frames page, to get the full picture, go here and click on 'Visiting the United States

Coffee & Tea are O.K. but only in un-opened packaging.

Best to bring un-opened packages. They don't like it if consumables could have been contaminated. Check here for a list.

A quick x-ray and you're clear...

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