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International Arrivals at
Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Air Side at MCO

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Getting off the airplane and being processed through Immigration and Customs are conducted 'Airside'.

This means you are not yet in the USA but in limbo awaiting confirmation that you may enter.

---  ---

On leaving the aircraft, the first thing you will get is a blast of warm air (it can be very hot air), you will all look at each other and say something like... "Blimey, is it this hot all the time?"

Complaining already and only been here 2 seconds...

You will go down some winding corridors and eventually arrive in a big hall where you will go through Immigration.

Immigration at MCO

Ensure you have all your paperwork to hand and keep the kids together in a tight family group. You are about to be granted entry to the USA, don't let the kids start fighting just yet, even though it was a long flight.

Take your place behind the line and only move forward when asked to... 

There is a tendency for these officials to appear 'non too friendly''. They are though the frontline of defence against all unwanted visitors. They take their job very seriously indeed. Just answer all questions, I wouldn't recommend an smart answers or trying to engage them in conversation.

Did you see our 'Immigration to the USA' section...

Next it's more corridors and into baggage claim.

---  ---

Air Side Trolleys at MCO

Get yourself a selection of trolleys, (free in airside, there are usually thousands of them).

Hopefully by this time your baggage should be on a conveyor.

Your conveyor is identified by your flight number, which you now can't remember, and your airline name and the name of the airport you came from.

Best bet here is to pick a spot near the conveyor and have your other party members stand well back.

When you start to get your bags, gesticulate madly at the other members of your team, who are now gazing around the room, looking at the flag, the picture of the President etc. and are generally ignoring you.

---  ---

Past a few barriers and on to U.S. Customs. at MCO

You may be stopped at this time by an officer who will ask some questions and give you a ticket that allows you to pass through the system. You may have to go through 'the full treatment' at a counter.

You will still have to get your luggage checked.

You will be asked if you are bringing any food stuffs into the USA. Be honest, it's not worth the risk. 

The above link is part of a frames page, to get the full picture, go here and click on 'Visiting the United States

Coffee & Tea are O.K. but only in un-opened packaging.

Best to bring un-opened packages. They don't like it if consumables could have been contaminated. Check here for a list.

---  ---

Land Side at MCO

Pass through the door and 'You're here'. Yes, but where? Looks like another corridor...

All move along to where somebody will now take your trolley and bags off you again.

They will shout out a baggage claim area, 'A' or 'B'. If you question these actions you may well get a blank stare and a repeat of the previous instruction...

---  ---

What is going on here? The AGT train at MCO

The design of MCO is 4 satellite buildings around a central hub. You are currently on a satellite and must get to the hub.

Up the escalator and across the walkways to the AGT (Train) System.

This train will take you to a huge central building that when you exit the train and enter the central atrium. It is a huge space with built in Hotel and will certainly take your breath away.

---  ---

Look out for the 'Food Hall' as you move through this area on the way to getting your luggage, again. Check here...

If you arranged Car Hire through an 'off airport company' they probably asked you to call them from here...

Hopefully it's a Free Call number but if you need some change. Buy a Newspaper...

There are big signs for Baggage Claim 'A' & 'B' and stairs, escalators or elevators (lifts) to take you down to Level 2.

---  ---

Land Side Trolleys at MCO

Trolleys here in the material world cost... You will have to put money into a vending machine.

In 2001 $2 is required for each trolley. There is a 25c refund when you take the trolley back, if you can get them to fit in the rack!

You may get used to these vending machines that take bills, I can never get them to work!

---  ---

Second Baggage Claim at MCO

Carousels will now be slowly making your bags dizzy, you will again need your flight number to identify your area.

This is the area where any tour operator or agents you have booked through will meet you. 

You have to find them. You do remember who you booked with?

If you are using a taxi or shuttle service, you will exit the building at this level.

There are toilets located in this area. Let the kids go and check out just how different a loo can be. 

Don't leave your bags un-attended.

Car rental is downstairs at Level 1, so use the elevator to go down and find your rental company...

---  ---

You can get a view of this process here at the official MCO Web site.

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Getting your car at MCO

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