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From the Florida Turnpike to US Hwy 27 you will be able to find restaurants, attractions, grocery stores, etc. etc. etc...

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Making the most of your kitchen and spending money

If you are renting a home or a suite in a hotel then along with your living space came a kitchen (of sorts). Not all

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kitchens are created equal but all will include at least a microwave and most will have an oven. A toaster is usually supplied, as is some size of refrigerator (some can be rather small).

Using these facilities to the best can be a great money saver and give a break to relentless restaurant eating. Though it may seem wonderful to eat out constantly it soon becomes tiring and even in this 'land of plenty at a good price' can wear a whole in the wallet.

Time for an evening meal can be difficult to plan as you will be out and about and not really wanting to come home early and cook.

There are many, many Quick Cook and Instant TV meals along with Pizzas in every imaginable (and some unimaginable) combinations.

If you are used to 'Healthy Eating' you may find it unusual to get the selection of vegetable you are used to with Restaurant eating. The health part of American Restaurant food does tend to be salad based.

If you are staying in a Villa or Suite with a full kitchen the occasional meal, over a two or three week holiday, may be worth planning.

A lazy day by the pool and TV on a rainy day, maybe. You can waste some time & $ at a big Supermarket and spend the rest of the day cooking...

Breakfast is much easier to arrange.

You must experience some of the Great American Breakfasts, fast food, all you can eat etc, but you can sample some of the real Americana by doing it yourself

Let the kids have some classic American Breakfast Cereal - Small variety sized single portion boxes come ready to use - just add milk. You tear the box along the perforations and make it into a bowl. Kids love the novelty, Dads are amazed at the ingenuity and Mum doesn't have to do the washing up ! (which she didn't have to do in the first place... right!).

Buy yourself some bacon (numerous types), eggs, waffles and some maple syrup. Crisp up the bacon (it cooks very quickly as it is usually wafer thin), make some scrambled eggs, toast those waffles, stack them up and pour over the maple. Sounds a bit weird but tastes heavenly...

Only got a Microwave?

If where your staying even comes with a basic cooking facility such as microwave, just throw a few hot dogs into the microwave, it makes a fast, and cost-effective meal. But be warned, they'll cook fast so I wouldn't put the setting for more that 30 seconds to begin with. Then just take them out of the microwave and place them in the center of one piece of bread, then put American favourites such as ketchup and mustard along the side of the hot dog.

Halfway wrap it around the hot dog. Hold in one hand, and insert into mouth.
Presto, you have an American favourite for the whole family. And it only took a couple of minutes to make. If your kids are like the American Children, they'll probably want another. But don't worry, they usually come in packs of 8-10, and can be purchased at any area grocery.

The following page has some products and a rough (always out of date) list of prices.


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