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Fast Food in Orlando

Back in the days when we had no McDonalds and Burger King in the UK, this was a real treat when visiting the US but now we are even used to 'Drive Thru's - we have to find a new 'fix' of Fast Food...

Fortunately the system will not let us down. Enter Hot Dogs, Mexican and Snacks & Treats and even more Burgers and Meat.

There are, of course, many, many opportunities to consume.
Here are some of my favorites. I am more than willing to learn - if you want to add some of your own, mail me

Hot Dogs -

Probably best served by Checkers.

Check out a fully loaded Chilli Cheese Dog.

Also Checkers still seem to remember the great sloppy burger thing. Soft and gooey, packed full of tastes and washed down with an ice-cold soda. Hmmm

Mexican -

Taco Bell, one of the coolest logos in corporate America and a great range of tastes to spend quite a few meals getting your head around.

Snacks & Treats -

Donuts (Doughnuts), Ice Cream, Waffles & Pancakes and Sodas -

Donuts by the thousand at Dunkin Donuts, etc. Every flavour you can imagine plus maybe a few you couldn't.

Ice Cream, like mixing Jelly Beans, the combination possibilities of multi-scoop Ice Creams are almost endless. The Americans pride themselves on making Ice Cream to die for. Not very natural but very, very nice?

Sandwiches -

Subway is the worlds biggest in this market but there are many others?
Check our section on this subject in Snacks & Treats section of the Main Site...

What is a 'sub'?

Waffles & Pancakes -

When you have to market a product, you can do it both ways. Either as a part of a larger entity or as an individual item. Breakfast goodies them become Anytime Foods...

IHOP (International House of Pancakes) and Waffle House, among others, concentrate on their own individual style and quality. If you find your search for The Great American Breakfast running out of steam. Here is another chance to need an excuse to walk round a theme park or two.

Sodas -

Root Beer -

Soda stands use to be a popular part of 'turn of the century' USA. Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom shows examples of this time when Sarsaparillas and Seltzers contained more than sugar...A & W are about the only ones left. Selling their own brand of Root Beer and other treats you can find more about this subject in our Snacks & Treats section.

Burgers -

Many to chose from but a family favourite is Wendy's.

Sometimes seen in the UK but there are a few along 192.

Wendy's offer a slightly different menu to the big two in this market. Jacket potatoes and stuffed Pitas are very tasty.

Their burgers are square! My youngest, when 5 thought this was just amazing!

Others -

Arbys Roast Beef Restaurant -

Steak sandwiches Chicken Subs and Salads & Side Dishes? Jamocha Shakes are gorgeous.

Popeye's Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits - Restaurants - 

I must admit, I have not tried them yet, but their Cajun Chicken is on the list for our next visit. These Southern Flavors must be mouth watering.



Also check out the Main Site's Fast Food section...

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