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What (is that)? - An explanation of some things

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If you have never visited the States before there will be many things that are very new to you. Even if you have been here a few times some may still be a mystery.

Here we will try to give an explanation of everything that seems 'different' to what we are used to. Bear with us though, this is a big task... If you need an answer quickly, try mailing us with your question.




What are Grits?

Appears with Breakfast as a Yellow Mass...

Grits are a courser grind of dried corn than Corn Meal. Basically course ground dried corn kernels and made into a crude porridge with added flavourings and usually fried. Yummy with Cinnamon Apple sauce.

Check out this Quaker site for an explanation. Recipes can be found here... We refer to them in our All You Can Eat pages.

What is Biscuits and Gravy?

A general definition could be - a sweet cowboy style Southern Breakfast Specialty.

What actually is it and how do I eat it?

A drop scone mixture, referred to as a biscuit, and a thick white sauce usually flavoured as a mushroom type soup with either beef or sausage or both. The gravy is used to soften and flavour the biscuit. Usually served as an accompaniment to sausage. The basic 'white' sauce is flavoured with many other foods to give an endless combination but the mushroom-y one seems to be the most popular.

Not to all tastes but you will find it crops up wherever good sit-down breakfasts are sold.

You can get a flavour of American B&G here... We refer to them in our All You Can Eat pages.


What are Buffalo Wings?

Deep fried, hot sauce coated Chicken Wings - But why? Best explanation can be found here... We refer to them in our Bar & Grill Restaurants page.


What is Root Beer?

Short answer - An acquired taste!

Long answer - A non-alcoholic soda. A bit like the difference between a Cola and Dr Pepper taken to the next stage. Flavoured with Wintergreen, yes- Wintergreen, the smell of Germolene, which is actually Sassafras or these days a modern synthetic equivalent. (it's actually illegal to sell Sassafras in the USA, it's a narcotic That's why these Seltzer style drinks gave you a lift!)

Not to ever one's tastes - McDonald's tried it in the UK when they first came here but it didn't catch on. Probably too many grazed knees as a kid to make the taste palatable.

It is very refreshing on a hot day when it's ice cold. Disgusting when warm... Tastes thicker than a Cola and seems to fill you up as well. Americans 'drink' a Cola but seem to have a 'love affair' with Root Beer, yet it's not as popular as the big two Cola's!

A&W is Americas favourite yet it is owned by Cadbury Schweppes. You can find some Root Beers in the UK but it's not easy.

Give it a go - A Root Beer & Chocolate Mint Chip float is just to die for. Honest!

The 'Root' they serve at 'The Cracker Barrel' is particularly tasty and comes in a frozen pitcher...

You can find more info here... We refer to Root Beer on our Snacks & Treats page.

Sandwiches -

What is a Submarine Sandwich or 'a sub' ?

Well actually it's one of the quickest and healthiest ways to eat in the USA. Traditionally a huge baguette (although they refer to it as an Italian loaf), copiously filled with meats and salads and dressing(s) {mix dressings - I love Thousand Island & Blue Cheese} and accompanied by about 15 napkins, all needed!

An American Classic, most are filled as you order and can be picked from a Menu or constructed to your own design. So, there is the Veggie option!

When you need to get out early for that trip to the Parks or more importantly to The Kennedy Space Centre or the Coast, grad a 'Sub' on the way and eat at your leisure.

Much cheaper in the Franchise Locations and Supermarkets than inside the attractions...

Also know as - an "Hero," a "Hoagie," a "Grinder," a "Poor Boy," a "Dagwood" ans I'm sure many more names.

More detailed history available here... We refer to them on our Snacks & Treats page.


A quick rush to order, may land you with a puzzled look....

If you should see a Menu item of Steak & Chips, you won't quite get what you expected.

In the USA 'Chips' are potato chips - crisps. 'Real 'Chips' (should you ever be able to find them) may be referred to as 'British Fries' for a chunkier variety or French Fries for the stringy burger & chips type.

A few of the British Pubs along US Hwy 192 do their best at a proper 'chip' and the British Pavilion's Fish n' Chips location in Disney's Epcot Centre  is run by Harry Ramsden's. Although I'm pretty sure they don't make their own. (take lot's of $ with you!)


Free Right at a Red Light Rule...

You may turn right 'against' the Traffic Light in Florida, but only if the coast is clear. You must come to a complete stop first...

Cars in front of you may go through the Red Light and turn right. This is normal and you should do also. 

Don't get pressured by people behind you... Take it easy and make sure nothing is anywhere near you coming from the left before you move. Move away smoothly and purposefully. One you start don't stop - you shouldn't have gone if it wasn't clear to do so...

If the light is Green, just go. (obvious)

If  you just sit there and people behind will sound their horn at you! Don't be pressured, the light will change soon. Be safe - not sorry!

Check here for the official word...

Click here for more Driving Tips... including an enhanced Turning Left explanation...


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