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Driving from:-
SR-417 The Florida Greeneway to US Hwy 192 at Celebration Ave.

Use this Exit #2, for both Kissimmee Main Gate East & West and Hotels & Rental Homes in the Kissimmee area.

SR-417 Exit#2 Celebration Ave. to US Hwy 192

Movie available from this exit down to US Hwy 192 and Westbound towards Main Gate West


This movie was made to get visitors to the Hotel Nikki Bird in Main gate West

The Toll Plaza at Celebration Ave. is un-manned.

25c will get you through.

The junction at SR-417 off ramp and Celebration Ave.

Turn Right here, US Hwy 192 is .5 of a mile.
Is this sign upside down? -
don't we put the major direction on top?

Celebration Ave. meets US Hwy 192 at a 'T' junction. Across is the exit from a shopping area so it's normally not busy.

Right Turn takes you towards Main Gate
East, Villa locations around Poinciana Blvd. and Downtown Kissimmee. Take the lane just to the right - the one with the straight arrow) Right turn continues here...

Left Turn is towards Main Gate
West, Walt Disney World, I4 and Villa locations to Davenport / US Hwy 27 area, including Lindfields, Formosa Gardens & Old Lake Wilson Road areas....
Two lanes for the Left turn. Pick the right lane (shown here) and you will be in the right lane of the centre lanes on the 192

Shown on our Street Level Map, this junction is between US Hwy 192 Mile Markers 7 & 8


British Drivers Note...

This may be your first major Left turn while driving in the USA.!

Take it easy - Celebration Ave. is usually quiet.

This photo has our driver
positioned in the Left turn lane ready to go...

The light above our lane is lit Green the others are Red.

The cars in front are turning out of a shopping area and we will go
across the front of them and to the left.

Remember to go all the way across the road and turn left down the right side of the central reservation. There are white dashed lines on the road showing the lane to follow.

There is another example - here...

(Turning Right is covered - here...)

Left turn

You made it!

Now travelling West (Up on the Street Level Map) towards
Main Gate West
on US Hwy 192.

This centre lane will take you to Main Gate West and to US Hwy 27.
You can slide left if you want to avoid the freeway turn of from this lane after the bridges if you want.

Street Level Map

Have a great vacation/holiday.

Right Turn

You made it!

Now travelling East (Down on the Street Level Map) towards Maingate East on US Hwy 192.

Street Level Map

Have a great vacation/holiday.

This section ends...
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