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Eco Tourism

This section will provide a general overview of one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism market.

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For us to get you there we will have to take you away from Theme Parks, the Tourist Corridors and the general hubbub of modern life.

Back to the simpler things, whether it's an airboat ride on one of Florida's glistening waterways, or just a step back in time at one of our many historical sites.

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Very close to 'the 192' is the Pioneer Homestead on Bass Road, located directly behind the Wal-Mart.

On to the quaint and historical shops of St. Cloud.

This is Florida in its natural environment,  the beauty of its waterways with their crystal clear waters and traditional swimming facilities.

There are miles of trails in the State Parks of both Wekiwa Springs and Blue Springs.

Wekiwa Springs is known for its appeal as a local swimming hole.

Blue Springs an hour's drive north off Interstate 4 is known for its Manatee viewing. Between November-March they escape the cooler waters of the St. Johns River to the warmer 72 degrees year-round temperature of the spring.

Wildlife, historical sights, scenic beauty and 'a return to nature' can all be summarized in the phrase, Eco-Tourism.

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Along with some of the other showcases in our site, you may have to go a little further for this experience.

The diversion is well worth it and the peace and serenity can be stunningly beautiful.

Take a day out from your hectic twenty-first century technology packed vacation...

Come visit the real Florida, more exciting than any white knuckle ride!

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Don’t miss out on the wildlife that lives right next to US192 including the many varieties of birds, especially Herons that live in the natural area hidden from view to the south of the road.

Just east of the Wal-Mart Super Center on Shingle Creek, you can pilot your choice of vessel through the unspoiled wilderness of Florida, viewing the century old cypress trees adrift with Spanish moss

On occasion you’ll see an Alligator or two in its natural habitat. But don’t worry, they are very timid and usually mind their own business.

Like any animal, you show them respect, and they’ll usually return the favour.

They are all just part of the Florida landscape, like any other wildlife that may be native to your area.

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Time tested, this type of activity has served thousands of visitors to the area and is extremely enjoyable. 

Enjoy your vacation, and the natural beauty that awaits you.

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