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From the Florida Turnpike to US Hwy 27 you will be able to find restaurants, attractions, grocery stores, etc. etc. etc...

Also, use the Locations page to help get your bearings...


Attractions Guide

In this section we will showcase some of Kissimmee's lesser-known attractions.

We are sure that the Kissimmee - St.Cloud Visitor and Convention Bureau would start out by saying 'Location is our Biggest Attraction' - no truer words have ever been spoken.

Close to the 'magic' yet situated in a community long known for its area ranches, Kissimmee has grown from the 'Cow Capitol' of the State to a World-Class Travel Destination. 

In fact, did you know that the original Maingate into Disney on US Hwy 192, was actually a cattle trail used by area cowboys to drive their cattle to market and that the Rodeo Complex on East 192 is the 4th largest in the US?

It's true, and what's more it's a local holiday in the 2nd, or 3rd week of February each year.

There are many things to find out about Kissimmee and a lot of areas to explore.

Whether it's the bumper cars and Ferris Wheel at the Old Town Shopping and Entertainment Complex or just the thrills and daily performances of Gatorland.

Choose from an Airboat Rental, several Go-Cart Tracks or Jungleland Zoo - home to the famous lioness who had escaped her captors but not the national media.

If you want celebrities, there's a resident living in St. Cloud with some of the World's most venomous snakes at the Reptile Serpentarium. He milks them for venom right before your eyes!

There certainly is a lot to be discovered in the area.

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Did somebody say - Discount Attraction Tickets?

Yes, we have those too, and in abundance!

However, in this area of our Directory we have made it a matter of policy to feature only those businesses that adhere to the local enactments that govern this industry. We will be covering this in a much more comprehensive format under the sub-category: Park Tickets.


Bok Gardens

Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex -

I know we shouldn't really do this, because it's not part of US192 but this place is so great that we have to give it some free links.

The centre is very reasonable and you can get a good discount using their coupon found in many of the coupon booklets.

Take the Up Close Tour and get real close to the action

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If you are in Kissimmee when a Shuttle launch is due, take a day out and definitely go. You can get tours to the Cape to see it from a bus (we will get some links in time).

If you can't or don't want to actually go, keep your fingers crossed that it is a twilight launch and watch it from, well anywhere. Just look East and tune your car radio to any station. They usually cover the final few minutes of the countdown. We watched the launch of STS 98 from the car park at Disney. It was absolutely amazing...

If you want to track the Shuttle or ISS then take a look here.

You can find the business end of the KSC here.

Listen to & Watch  ISS and Shuttle broadcasts from here and follow the links to Multimedia.


Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Shuttle Launch Schedule

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