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Be sure to take a look at the Showcases for each accommodation type. Designed to allow you to find the information that is most important to a vacationer. The nearest restaurant, amenities or the price ranges of the accommodation type. Many will also include printable coupons.

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Disney Area Suites

Here we will try to clarify and define what a 'Suites' property actually is and where to find them in the other categories.

The description of 'Suites' is a collection of rooms including full cooking facilities designed for family use and with the entire property being 'Kid Friendly'.

They should include, at least, a living area and 1 bedroom. Another way to explain it is an area where a family can have their own space and that is more suited to a longer stay.

The property should have an abundance of services for Kids, games rooms, in room Video with rental, some even having their own check-in area etc.

---  ---

The subject of 'Suites' has long been a bone of contention among many visitors to the area, not to mention the businesses themselves.

One of the primary reasons for this is that no matter how many materials a property may use in a room diagram, or in an accurate description of their room types, it is amazing how many visitors are expecting something completely different...

In a final analysis, it seems to just come down to the word itself and how it is used. 

'Kids Suites', 'Open L-Shaped Suites' and 'Inns & Suites' are mostly comprised of Hotel rooms with a few 'efficiencies'.

Defining 'efficiencies' is a little hard. It's a little 'old school' these days. A hark back to earlier times attempts to make a room more homely. Efficiencies rooms included cooker, sink etc. These days, if the word Suites is over used and more a marketing phrase. think the same of 'efficiencies'.

Rooms that include 'Mini-Refrigerator', 'Microwave' or even a 'Fully-Equipped Kitchen' do not fit our bill, as they do not have separate bedrooms.

Many accommodations that are listed as Suites may not include crockery and cutlery. Some have these to rent, some not. Seems to indicate that they are intended for either owners of mobile homes or for you to use the on-site restaurant for most all of your needs.

The above properties can be found in their respective categories under Hotels or Motels where these features will be listed as an amenity rather than an accommodation type.

---  ---

There are others that would fit this requirement e.g. cabins, cottages, vacation homes and villas. For us, Suites are housed in one property that will have other facilities and are more like apartments than hotel rooms.


Hapimag Orlando-Lake Berkley Resort

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