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Florida Vacations - Disney World Vacation Rentals

This section will cover one of the most popular methods in taking a Florida vacation, long considered a more 'cost-effective alternative' to the more traditional lodging choices of the area. It is rapidly becoming the vacation choice for many families. That is, the myriad of Florida vacation homes, condos and villas that are located throughout the Walt Disney World area...

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Most of these vacation rentals, such as the numerous homes that are located nearest to Disney World are all owned by private individuals (many by Brits) but are managed, decorated and serviced by local property management agencies.

But there's more, much more. Condos, apartments and villas to mention just a few. All part of the Florida Vacation landscape when visiting the Walt Disney World area...

Generally, these vacation rentals will require a 'Nonrefundable Deposit' at the time of reservation and a 'Minimum Stay Requirement' of 4 or more nights. 

Vacation rentals such as homes can accommodate anywhere from 6 to 12 people. Whereas Condominiums usually have 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and access to a community pool, certainly enough for a couple or a small family.

But Condos still remain a popular choice for any of those who may have taken their Florida vacations in the past in a hotel room, rather staying in a condo or villa -- as many times the price will be equal to or even less than a hotel room...

Just to get you started, the popular condos and villas of the Poinciana Blvd area can be found here...

As far as vacation homes go in the Walt Disney World area, these homes can easily house two 4 person families with the occasional baby and generally range from 3 to 7 bedrooms.

Service plans for these homes can vary from company to company. Ranging from daily towel service all the way up to full housekeeping. There are just too many service plans for us to list here.

Naturally, renting an area vacation home offers the vacationer a considerable advantage, especially those with larger families. If you need the space, then this is the vacation accommodation for you. Most of these homes will include: a fully equipped kitchen, separate bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, a pool covered by a porch and a garage.

There are literally hundreds of companies that operate thousands of these homes, condos and villas throughout the Walt Disney World area, and in many locations. The US 192 is the main corridor to these developments, some being a lot further away than you may have thought or have been led to believe. A car here is an absolute must. 

We have developed a Florida vacations map system showing where all the most popular vacation rentals are... Map/Directory

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If you choose this type of accommodation, be sure to read and fully understand the instructions on using the facilities and services of the home when you arrive.

Note:- Two main areas to be aware of are Keys and Air Conditioning.
Don't lock yourself out, replacement keys and Locksmiths are charged at premium rates. As are Air Conditioning engineers... Don't fiddle with the settings!

One of the main reasons for developing this site was to help people with their Florida vacation who are using this type of accommodation just find their way around.

It's very quiet out here, no shops & stores, often no street lights.

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There is no getting away from it, this is the most flexible accommodation type for families or groups of families.

But, were do we eat, buy food, get a postage stamp? That's what www.kissimmee-us192.com is all about...

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To help you get your bearings in finding your way around this vacation area, a Subdivision Locator can be found here


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Be sure to take a look at the Showcases for each accommodation type. Designed to allow you to find the information that is most important to a vacationer. The nearest restaurant, amenities or the price ranges of the accommodation type. Many will also include printable coupons.

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