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UK Flights Arriving - Orlando & Sanford, Florida USA

Arriving in the Orlando area will normally be via. a flight from the UK that much is obvious, although you may be on a multi-centre holiday entering through another American city or you may be driving up from Miami.

We will concentrate on arriving through the air to Central Florida...

There are two airports that serve the greater Orlando area.

Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Sanford Airport (SFB).

If you are arriving on a scheduled carrier e.g. British Airways or Virgin Airlines, you will arrive at MCO.
You will also arrive at MCO if you traveled with a carrier that brought you into the USA via. another port - Cleveland, Philadelphia, New York, etc.

If you are coming 'direct' with a charter company you will be arriving at SFB.


A quick word about some 'basics' first, please read...


US Viewers
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On the plane, the Cabin Crew indicated to you how important it was to complete your forms correctly...

Immigration Officers will help you here, before approaching the desk. If you think (even think) you may have made a mistake. Tell somebody...

Cabin Crew can not always answer questions on filling out the forms. They can't be held responsible for you completing the form.

Don't take any part of this process lightly!

The officials who work for the The US Immigration & Naturalization Services (INS) and US Customs (USCS) take their jobs very seriously. Possibly more seriously than any other you may have experienced...

You will be seen as an 'ambassador for your country' and are being granted permission to enter the USA. It's not a right, very much a privilege - welcoming British visitors.

So, don't mess them around...

Have all paperwork ready and completed correctly. 

Check out these links for more information:-

Immigration & Naturalization Services - Temporary Visitors - if you need more information on visiting the USA while being on holiday. British Visitors to the USA, who meet the qualifying criteria, may enter using the Visa Waiver Programme.

The form you will complete on the plane is an I-94 or I94W* - Visitor Visa Application. (next person to get me one of these [so I can show a copy on the site] - wins an e-mail saying "thank you" -

Note: - Certain persons are not allowed to visit the USA, check to make sure your circumstances fit.

It looks like if you have been arrested (for anything) you will not be allowed entry. Also, if you have previously received a parking ticket while inside the USA and ignored it... There may be a warrant out for your arrest!

As you no longer have to apply for a Visa you will not know this until you arrive...

This link and this link have more information. Contact the US Embassy in the UK for more info.

What are - Crimes of Moral Turpitude? click for a list.


You will discover that although we are two very similar nations, we do use very different words. This may be an annoyance or at least somewhat amusing in day to day situations. Not taking this seriously, in certain circumstances, could cause problems...

As a visitor to the United States of America, you may be referred to as an 'alien'.

Although a non-UK resident is actually referred to as 'an alien' by our government, we just never hear it in everyday speech.

This is no joke, don't make light of it!

This may be your first face-to-face meeting with a US official and they may use words you don't understand.

They will refer to your holiday as a vacation, where you are staying at as your location and ask about your length of stay. They will be very, very serious about it.

Just be aware that we use different words and descriptions for things. You will come across many differences during your stay...

Arriving Walk-Thru -

via. - Orlando International Airport (MCO) is covered via. this link...

Arriving Walk-Thru -

via. - Orlando Sanford Airport (SFB) is covered via. this link...

Don't miss the -

Driving page... & some information to note about Eating when you arrive in the U.S.A.

Visitors from the UK can find deals on flights to Florida on the Cheap Flights website- especially useful if your dates are flexible

Information on this site is provided 'as is'.
We apologies for any omissions or errors. E.& O. E. 
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